Meal Prep Tips and Benefits from Nutrition Coach Kayla Straube

Why Mel Prep

Meal Prep Has Many Benefits

Meal prep has many benefits that Houston-based nutrition coach Kayla Straube outlines in this video. Some of the most important reasons to meal prep according to Kayla are that it helps avoid convenience and fast foods that tend to be higher in unhealthy fats and calories. When meals are not prepped ahead of time, it’s easy to grab whatever is fastest, which often means drive-thru or delivery options.

Meal Prep Takes The Decision Making Out Of The Equation

Meal prep takes the decision making out of the equation so you’re not faced with choosing what to eat every day. Kayla mentions this reduces overeating and helps stick to healthier food choices. Prepping meals in advance helps control portions and ensures a well-balanced mix of macros and micros.

According to Kayla, meal prep does not have to mean eating the same boring foods all week. There is flexibility to create a variety with different protein, grain, and veggie combinations. Meals can easily be customized to individual tastes and dietary needs or preferences.

As a professional nutrition coach, Kayla emphasizes that meal prepping results in significant financial savings compared to eating out or ordering delivery frequently. Her company offers pre-made meal plans starting at just $7.50 per meal, which is often less than half the cost of convenience options. Buying in bulk allows for even lower per-meal pricing.

Kayla outlines both online and in-store purchasing options through her company. While in-store browsing lets you see the actual food, online meal prep offers the convenience of home delivery twice per week and customization features. For truly effortless meal prep, Kayla recommends pre-assembled Chef’s Choice packages that eliminate decision fatigue.

With Kayla Straube’s expert guidance on the why’s and how-to’s of meal prepping, it’s easy to see why this lifestyle strategy is so beneficial for health, budget, and everyday convenience according to one of Houston’s leading nutrition coaches.

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