Local Market place
Power Fit Eats

Power Fit Eats is a hand crafted indoor food and beverage market. Each vendor has been selected for their unique product and they are local to the area! 
You can shop and support over 20 families in one spot!
Power Fit Meals is a local meal prep and nutrition company that makes food fresh each day. We carry our most popular items on the shelves at Power Fit Eats. You can find a selection of soups, salads, sauces, breakfast items, savory meals, and more (chefs choice!).
Most people know this as the retail location for Power Fit Meals, but we are so much more! 
Pretty Baked Sweets is our partner for catering, events, and desserts. The shelves are stocked with their most popular items and our full line of protein desserts. 
Some of the other things that we offer include: cold pressed juices, aguas frescas, the best pudding you will ever eat, gourmet candy apples, popcorn from our teens, chamoy candies, fresh cut pickles, a full line of fresh elderberry products, freeze dried candies, BBQ  sauces/meats, keto desserts, and keto meals.